Wine Spectator Award-Winning Selections

“My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagne”
– John Maynard Keynes

300Mu00f6et & Chandon Brut, FranceN.V.12
302Mu00f6et & Chandon, Brut Rosu00e9, FranceN.V.16
303Laurent-Perrier, Brut L-P, Champagne 375 mlN.V.22
306Nicolas Feuillatte, Brut Reserve, Chouilly, FranceN.V.18
301Laurent-Perrier, Brut L-P, Champagne, FranceN.V.19
316Laurent-Perrier, Brut L-P, Champagne N.V.32
313Nicolas Feuillatte, Brut Reserve, Chouilly, FranceN.V.40
312Piper-Heidsiek, Brut, Champagne N.V.39
311Tattinger, La Francaise, Brut, Champagne, Reims, France N.V.32
315Krug, Grand Cuvu00e9e, Brut, Champagne, France 95 WS N.V.150
317Gruet, Rosu00e9, Sparkling Brut, New MexicoN.V.19
321Prosecco, Bellafina, Brut, ItalyN.V.32
323Szigeti, Sparkling Gru00fcnerf Veltliner, Brut, AustriaN V.42
324*Laetitia, Brut Cuvu00e9e, Sparkling Wine, Arroyo Grande Valley, CAN.V.50
327Domaine Carneros, Brut, Carneros, by Tattinger - Mindyu2019s favorite domesticN.V.59
320Nicolas Feuillatte, Brut Reserve, Chouilly, France N.V.69
325Taittinger, Brut la Francaise, Reims, France - House FavoriteN.V.62
329Laurent-Perrier, Brut L-P, Champagne, France - 90 WSN.V.64
322Champagne Dallancourt, Antoine & Virginie Lutun, Brut, Epernay, FranceN.V.180
319Dom Pu00e9rignon Brut, Epernay, France - DEAL OF THE WEEK!!!2004179
331Krug, Grande Cuvu00e9e, Brut, Champagne, France- 95 WSN.V.279
332**Krug, Brut, Champagne, Reims, France1998500
330Taittinger, Cometes de Champagne, Brut, Blanc de Blancs, Reims, France2000225
343Gancia, Pinot di Pinot, Rosu00e9, Brut, Italy u2013 A blend of 3 PinotsN.V.35
340Rosu00e9 d' Orfeuilles, Touraine, Sparkling Rosu00e9 from Loire Valley, France N.V.65
341*Domaine Carneros, Rosu00e9, Sparkling Wine, Carneros, by TaittingerN.V.75
342Daniel Etienne, Brut Rosu00e9, Premier Cru, u00e0 Cumiu00e8s, FranceN.V.140
344Billicart-Salmon, Brut Rosu00e9,N.V.159
339Tattinger, Prestige Rosu00e9, Reims, FranceN.V.199
345Dom Pu00e9rignon Brut Rosu00e9,, Epernay, France 2003299

  • Please note that our wine list has many limited bottles and may change frequently as well as occasional vintage changes before being reprinted or updated online. If there is a specific wine on this list you are looking for when you dine, please ask when you make your reservation. 
  • Our corkage fee is $25 for the first 2 bottles and $45 for a magnum. Please inquire for pricing for multiple bottles.
  • ** Indicates limited inventory
  • AL Indicates this wine is not available for discounts or 50% off nights
  • Wines on Mindy’s Private List may need to be ordered with Mindy and may not be available unless key access is available. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If desired, you can call ahead for decanting or to inquire.