“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.”
– Andre Simon, Commonsense of Wine

702Cain Cuvu00e9e, NapaN.V 1252
709Cain Five, Estate, Spring Mountain District2007166
729Quilceda Creek, Red Blend, Colombia Valley, Washington201199
712Quilceda Creek, Red Blend, Colombia Valley, Washington201399
728Quilceda Creek, Red Blend, Colombia Valley, Washington201499
732Biale Vineyards, Basic Black, Rutherford, Napa201384
703Flora Springs, Trilogy, Red Wine, Napa200789
705Justin, Justification, Paso Robles200890
706Justin, Justification, Paso Robles200995
707Justin, Savant, Paso Robles200790
708Stolpman, Angeli, Meritage, Santa Ynez2008115
709Stolpman, Angeli, Meritage, Santa Ynez2010115
711Ridge, Santa Cruz Mountains Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot200680
713Dominus, Estate, Napa2010300
717Stolpman, La Croce, Red Wine, Santa Ynez Valley2005135
701Lewis Cellars, Alecu2019s Blend, Red Wine, Napa2005150
710Lewis Cellars, Alecu2019s Blend, Red Wine, Napa2012125
712Miner, The Oracle, Red Wine, Napa2005175
733Justin, Isosceles, Paso Robles2006109
718Justin, Isosceles, Reserve, Paso Robles2007109
714Justin, Isosceles, Paso Robles 2008100
734Justin, Isosceles, Paso Robles 2012100
719Justin, Isosceles, Reserve, Paso Robles2005175
735Justin, Isosceles, Reserve, Paso Robles2007180
720Rudd, Proprietary Red, Oakville Estate2004200
721Continuum, Proprietary Red, Napa - Try a vertical!2005279
710Continuum, Proprietary Red, Napa2008279
715Continuum, Proprietary Red, Napa2009279
704Continuum, Proprietary Red, Napa2010279
731Continuum, Proprietary Red, Napa2012279
736Continuum, Proprietary Red, Napa2013280
722Rubicon, Estate, Red Wine, Rutherford, Napa2003235
723Rubicon, Estate, Red Wine, Rutherford, Napa2004235
724Rubicon, Estate, Red Wine, Rutherford, Napa2005297
725Joseph Phelps, Insignia, Napat2003270
726Joseph Phelps, Insignia, Napat2004300
727Joseph Phelps, Insignia, Napat2005330
725Bryant, Bettina, Napa2009275

  • Please note that our wine list has many limited bottles and may change frequently as well as occasional vintage changes before being reprinted or updated online. If there is a specific wine on this list you are looking for when you dine, please ask when you make your reservation. 
  • Our corkage fee is $25 for the first 2 bottles and $45 for a magnum. Please inquire for pricing for multiple bottles.
  • ** Indicates limited inventory
  • AL Indicates this wine is not available for discounts or 50% off nights
  • Wines on Mindy’s Private List may need to be ordered with Mindy and may not be available unless key access is available. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If desired, you can call ahead for decanting or to inquire.