As originally seen on Vic Yepello Palm Springs Real Estate

Oh what has Mindy done?  

Well for that answer, you’ll have to read this and then go see her in person!

Mindy Reed- owner/restaurateur of ZIN American Bistro and Zini Cafe Med has gone and raised the roof on her ZIN American Bistro at 198 South Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.  Well, not literally raised the roof, but almost.  The indoors became the outdoors and the new patio was born.

What happened is Mindy came up with a new design/decor concept for her flagship eatery by taking it apart and putting back together again as an indoor/outdoor place to hang out, dine on some great food and have a good old time.

It all started with doing a little facelift as she calls it- a “freshening” of things so to speak.  Well, one thing led to another and what she ended up with is a new restaurant/bistro that fulfills her every fantasy.  Gone is the former sidewalk entry into the large dining space.  Now as you approach the restaurant, it welcomes you into the heated outdoor patio dining area in the winter and mist-cooled in the summer.  And its a winner!

Slick design elements include a coffered ceilings with 10 ceiling fans, indirect recessed lighting, custom decorative  ZIN lighting sconce that are really trick, a custom-built bar (done by Mindy’s Dad) with a unique oak wine barrel stave fascia and so much more.

For indoor dining and private parties, the inside room can be closed off with moving walls of glass doors but during normal business hours, it all flows from the patio to the inside and back out again.  A unique and functional design feature for sure.

As always, the menu and the food stands out with its fresh approach, unique presentation, expert preparation and attention to detail.  Mindy and her chef hunt out locally grown organic ingredients as much as possible thus ensuring the freshest food available. And they take so much pride in all that they do by cooking expertly and presenting the food in a way that makes your eyes light up.

We attended the pre-opening party and had a great time.  My dining partner and I shared The Roasted Beet Salad (we ALWAYS order it because it’s so good).  He had the marinated grilled Hanger Steak cooked medium rare and I had the Grilled Shrimp with Chipotle Sauce, risotto and sautéed fresh spinach.  Both dinners were done to perfection.  For dessert we shared the Apple Tart Tatian and the Belgian Chocolate Mousse Pie.  We left there both happy and very sated to say the least.

If you haven’t tried ZIN in the past or if you’ve been away for a while, make a go of it soon.  You will be glad you did and tell Mindy you saw it here on our website!

ZIN is my ZEN  (Zen emphasizes experiential wisdom in the attainment of enlightenment). When dining, cocktailing or just hanging out,  ZIN American Bistro is definitely an enlightened choice.